Real-Time GPS Tracking
for Trucks, Trailers,
Fleets & Assets

Industry-leading technology that cuts costs, improves productivity & protects from theft.

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Purposefully Designed Hardware, Software & Sensors Developed to Outperform & Outvalue

  • Enhanced Protection
    Small & easy to hide with no
    external antenna & long
    battery life
  • Greater Accuracy
    Real-time visibility even in
    weak signal areas & when
  • Easier Tracking
    View & manage all your
    trackers on one screen
    from any device
  • Unrivalled Value
    Low costs, better
    performance & reliable
    coverage in North America

Application-Specific Solutions for
Cutting Costs & Improving Productivity

  • Vehicle & Fleet Monitoring
    Instant Visibility of Assets, Custom
    Alerts, Estimate ETA’s…
  • Trucks, Trailers & Logistics
    Improve Utilization, Track Fleet
    Positions, Protect From Theft…
  • Sensors & Remote Monitoring
    Track Temperatures, Door Open,
    Humidity, Engine Run-Time…
  • Construction Equipment
    Protect From Theft, Track Usage
    Time for Maintenance, …
  • Powered/Non-Powered Assets
    Location tracking & monitoring,
    Protect from Theft…
  • Vehicle Rentals
    Assist With Vehicle Recovery, Out of
    Province/State/Country Alerts…

Less Expensive, No Time Lag & Great Service

I was already using a tracking system to estimate ETAs for customers and track time on jobs. I changed to CloudHawk because it is more accurate, less expensive, and doesn’t have the time lag. It’s a lot easier to use and the great service is also a big plus.

- Alex, Field Service

Small, Smart & Reliable Trackers

  • Easy to install & hide.
  • Real-time updates, even in weak signal areas.
  • Multiple versions to best match your needs.

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Intuitive, Real-Time, Cloud-Based Portal

  • View detailed reports & access all historical data.
  • Monitor, group & manage all trackers on one map.
  • Replay routes & receive activity & location alerts.

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CloudHawk Delivers Smart, Easy to Use & Cost Effective GPS Tracking

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