Leveraging the Latest in GPS, Cellular &
Cloud-Based Technologies

  • Step #1
    CloudHawk Tracker is Installed on Vehicle/Asset
  • Step #2
    Tracker Detects and Locks Onto Signals from GPS Satellites
  • Step #3
    Tracker Sends Real-Time Data Through Cellular Network
  • Step #4
    Data is Collected & Stored  on Cloud Server
  • Step #5
    User Views Data in Web Browser or Mobile App
  • Step #6
    User Receives Status & Activity Alerts Via Text & Email

24x7 Location Accuracy Via Global Positioning System (GPS)

CloudHawk’s system determines the location of each tracker (receiver) by using the Global Positioning System (GPS), a navigation system  made up of more than 30 satellites and ground stations around the globe.

The GPS satellites circle the earth in a precise orbit transmitting signal information that the tracker continuously collects and uses to calculate its exact position through the power of triangulation.

Smart Data Transmission Through the Cellular Network

CloudHawk’s tracker transmits data to CloudHawk’s web portal through the cellular network where users  can easily access all tracker information, history and analytics through a web browser or using CloudHawk mobile apps.

In addition to standard speed and location data, the tracker can also send data collected from connected sensors (temperature, humidity, door open, etc..) and self-manages the frequency of updates, increasing them as direction changes occur and reducing them when stationary and/or power is disconnected to reduce costs and prolong battery life.

Cloud-Based Portal for Viewing Anywhere on Any Device

Login and view all of the real-time and historical data for each tracker through any web browser on any computer – there’s no software to install and you automatically receive all portal updates. The portal also lets you manage your trackers, geofences and text/email alerts.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices are also available for easy monitoring and management from phones and tablets.

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