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CloudHawk’s asset tracking solutions increase asset security, operational efficiency, and asset utilization

High-value powered assets are the backbone of many projects and day-to-day activities. CloudHawk's end-to-end powered asset tracking solution gives you full visibility into the location, activities, and condition of your critical equipment so you can better utilize your asset inventory and react quickly when issues arise.

Simply install the compact, discreet tracker devices inside powered assets and begin monitoring your entire fleet from the CloudHawk web-based portal. With a multitude of industrial-strength IoT sensors to choose from, you can customize the solution and get the valuable data you need to optimize your business. Immediate alerts and notifications let you know when there is a problem so you can take action quickly and get your assets back on track.

A purpose-built suite of hardware & software to track anything, anytime, anywhere

Increase asset security & reduce theft

Increase asset security & reduce theft

Know the location and status of your assets and act quickly when there has been unauthorized movement or activity or an asset has been towed.

Increase operational efficiency & reduce costs

Increase operational efficiency & reduce costs

Customized reports provide valuable insights into patterns, trends, and gaps in operating efficiencies so you can identify areas for improvement while monitoring equipment usage and activity.

Maximize asset utilization

Maximize asset utilization

Monitor asset use and easily identify idle times, engine on times, battery voltage, precise mileage, and utilization levels of assets so underused assets can be redeployed to other projects.

Our customers are our focus

Companies across a multitude of industries trust CloudHawk fleet and asset tracking solutions to increase productivity and efficiency.

Blackrock Landscapes
Bronte Construction
Jayco Builders

The CloudHawk Advantage

Along with providing unparalleled customer support, CloudHawk delivers purpose-built, industry-leading GPS trackers, industrial-strength IoT sensors, and a user-friendly software portal & apps to give you invaluable real-time in seconds data, available 24/7 and housed in a secure cloud-based platform.

Compact, intelligent, tough tracking devices.

What’s the point of having GPS tracking devices if you can’t hide them, they break easily, or they don’t update in real-time? CloudHawk’s GPS tracker devices are designed in-house and are purpose-engineered to be compact, easy-to-hide, and tough enough to withstand almost any condition. Businesses trust CloudHawk GPS trackers for their fleets and assets because they:

  • Contain advanced, patented tracking technology for precision accuracy
  • Durable hardware provides reliable asset tracking
  • Long-lasting built-in battery ensures uptime even without an external power source
  • Ability to track both powered and unpowered assets
  • Maintains a GPS connection even with very low GPS signal levels
  • Withstands harsh environments, is waterproof, and zombie-proof 

Powerful, cloud-based, intuitive software.

CloudHawk’s powerful and user-friendly web-based portal and mobile apps enable you to stay connected to your most valuable resources anytime, from anywhere. With position updates several times per minute , you can view the locations of all trackers in near real-time on a single screen using a Google Maps interface. Designed from the ground up to deliver greater accuracy, security, and reliability for less cost.

CloudHawk Web Portal

View Anywhere on any Device

Login and view all of the current and historical data for each tracker through any web browser on any computer – there’s no software to install and you automatically receive all portal updates. The portal also lets you manage your trackers, geofences and text/email alerts.

Real-time in seconds Fleet & Asset Visibility

Enable quick business decisions with full visibility of fleet asset by getting several updates per minute when on Live Tracking mode.

Easy Tracking on Mobile Apps

View, manage and receive alerts on all trackers using CloudHawk’s android and iOS mobile apps. Easily track your entire fleet within seconds from your mobile phone.

Customize User Access

Totally control user access to specific trackers by creating custom roles and permissions.

Actionable Reports & Analytics

CloudHawk empowers your team like no other solution through through specific reports and in-depth analytics that increase your visibility and efficiency. Reports include:

  • Yard Count
  • Dwell Time
  • Dock Time
  • Mileage report
  • Maintenance report
  • And many more
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Purposefully designed industrial IoT sensors.

CloudHawk provides businesses with flexible and future-proofed fleet and asset tracking technology that enables high-performance industrial IoT sensors to be added at any time to your solution.

Customize your deployment with optional sensors such as door status, temperature, humidity, trailer cargo, and more. Sensors include both wired and wireless Bluetooth sensors and can be set to trigger automatic alerts and notifications when conditions go outside of pre-defined ranges, enabling your team to act quickly and make better business decisions.

Bluetooth Beacons

Bluetooth Beacons

CloudHawk's bluetooth beacons can be deployed on any asset or equipment and used to monitor the location of assets in near real-time.

Engine Status

Engine Status

Keep track of equipment status and utilization by monitoring in near real-time which assets have engines running, are idle, or are being towed.

Ignition Detect Sensor

Ignition Detect Sensor

Monitor the run time of your fleet vehicles and know immediately when unauthorized activity occurs outside of scheduled trips. Also, receive idle time alerts if assets are powered on but not moving over a selected time period.

PTO Status

PTO Status

Connect the wired PTO sensor for real-time in seconds visibility into whether equipment PTOs are engaged or disengaged.

CloudHawk allows us visibility into live locations of our controls globally while also allowing to see if the unit is being used or being store via the power signal. We have already recovered several lost units due to customer misplacement and shipping mishaps. It also gives us valuable insight into our products use as well as notifying us of any power problems on our assets. The experience has been great and very accommodating with fast turn around times on new units and with very little problems with the trackers.

– AOMS Technologies
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