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FDA Food Safety Modernization Act

Since 2011, the American Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has been actively working on new regulations pertaining to food safety in an effort to proactively prevent food safety issues from arising, rather than reactively addressing problems after they have occurred.  Everyone involved in the food supply chain, from farm to table, are expected to comply with FSMA regulations by April.

For transportation companies with revenues of over $500,000 USD per year, FSMA regulations pertaining to the “Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food” put the onus on shippers, loaders, receivers and carriers to ensure that the proper, defined conditions for transporting human and animal food are monitored, maintained and recorded from warehouse to delivery. The new regulations aim to prevent food safety issues from arising due to improper transportation temperatures and unsanitary conditions.

Days Left to Become FSMA Compliant


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Login and view all of the real-time and historical data for each tracker through any web browser on any computer – there’s no software to install and you automatically receive all portal updates. The portal also lets you manage your trackers, geofences and text/email alerts.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices are also available for easy monitoring and management from phones and tablets.

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+/- 0.25°C

Update Frequency

Real-time updates every 0.3°change (or 30 sec)


3 cm or 1 1/8” long


No polarity for the two wires.

Wire Length

No effect on accuracy up to 100 ft.


Simple, wired install. Two wires back to CH300 tracker. Easy custom placement.


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