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View Real-Time Tracker Locations on a Single Map-Based Screen

With up to five updates per minute, you can view the locations all of your trackers in real-time on a single screen using the familiar Google Maps interface that allows map, satellite, traffic and street views.

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Identify Trackers Rapidly with Visual Grouping & Management

Group relevant trackers together and tag groups or individual trackers with icons to speed recognition and locating of specific trackers.

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Access the Full History of Every Tracker

Review, report on and analyse the activity of every tracker without having to pay additional data storage fees, all the way back to the first day they were activated.

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Easy & Secure Access Via Any Web Browser
or CloudHawk Mobile App

As a cloud-based portal, you can easily and securely view and manage your CloudHawk trackers through any computer, tablet or smart phone web browser without installing software. Android & iOS Mobile apps that enhance the user experience are also available.

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Customizable Alerts for Speed, Activity,
Sensors, Maintenance, Battery…

Completely customize and control your notifications anytime. Enable various alert options including email, text, in-app and even phone calls for high priority scenarios. Control alerts for each tracker to notify of a wide range of conditions: low/depleted battery, power disconnect, lost communication, POI visit, geofence in/out, stopped, movement, speeding, temperature, humidity, door open/close.

Track Routes Visually with Breadcrumbing & Animated Trip Replay

Activate breadcrumb visual route tracking for any tracker or retrace any past route of any tracker using the animated trip replay feature that includes location and duration time stamps. 

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Create Multiple Geofences & POIs
with Activity Alerts for Each Tracker

Use the map interface to quickly and easily create Points of Interest (POI), for tracking visits, and customizable geofences, for tracking in/out movement, then configure one-time, daily or weekly activity alerts for each POI/geofence.

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Advanced Reporting – Mileage, Fuel,
Speed, Drive Time, Sensors…

From single-click status reports to deep historical analyses, CloudHawk’s advanced reporting system lets you quickly draw upon the wealth of historical data securely stored for each tracker: validate arrival/departure times, POI/geofence activity, drive times, engine runtime, mileage, speed, fuel, temperatures, humidity, door open/closes.