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Fleet tracking solutions make it easier to be green

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Going green has been a rising trend as companies strive to be more environmentally conscious in their business decisions. One way that companies in the trucking industry can promote environmental sustainability is through the use of fleet management technology. This technology enables companies and drivers to track fuel consumption, optimize routes, monitor driving speed, and protect cargo. All of these practices can be tracked and recorded leading to more environmentally conscious decisions. 

Tracking Fuel Consumption 

Tracking fuel consumption can not only be more environmentally friendly but also more efficient. Companies are able to see how much fuel they are using as well as make changes based on how high or low their consumption is. To save fuel, companies can decide on more optimal routes and assess factors like driving speed and acceleration to assess what contributes the most to high fuel consumption.  

Optimizing Routes 

Optimizing routes is another way to reduce fuel usage but also be more environmentally conscious. Optimizing routes means more sustainable transportation as less fuel is used and therefore vehicles minimize their carbon dioxide emissions. GPS technologies also allow a much easier way to optimize routes while reducing costs. 

Monitoring Driving Speed 

Monitoring driving speed goes hand in hand with fuel consumption as the more a driver accelerates or speeds, the more fuel that will be used. Encouraging drivers to drive more efficiently by being aware of bad driving habits can lead to a more sustainable delivery. 

Overall, fleet management technology allows companies to use collected data to analyze how exactly they can improve their practices to be more sustainable and environmentally conscious. Using this technology also means trucking companies are able to back up their decisions with statistics from real-time drivers and data. Simply, fleet management technology provides companies with the data to justify how sustainable their business practices are and how to adjust their practices to be more sustainable. 

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