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How to Save Fleet Costs in 2022 with Fleet Management

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Happy New Year! I’m sure many of us have made some new year’s resolutions, one of which is to save more money. One of the biggest ways that our customers have talked about saving money is through both the implementation and expansion of their fleet management solution. Here are some ways fleet management can help you as a fleet manager to save costs and ultimately improve ROI for the new year.

1. Safety

Dashcams are perfect for keeping drivers safe and saving money. Using dashcams to monitor driver performance, which can be used to go through footage with the driver for additional training. Can be a great way to help prevent accidents before they can even occur. Similarly, AI notifications give alerts to help drivers avoid accidents. This can save valuable time and help drivers get to where they need to be on time and safely.

 2. Risk Mitigation

Another important benefit of dashcams is that they are able to record proof if any accidents were to occur, thus ensuring that your drivers are not held responsible for other individuals' actions. Dashcams don’t only reduce accidental damages but can also reduce thefts, many thieves would avoid a truck if they see a dashcam that a connection can reduce thefts.

3. Maintenance

As yet another year flies by an important aspect of business that often doesn’t get enough attention is maintenance costs and operational costs. A vehicle monitoring and tracking system can help avoid unexpected breakdowns and help increase the lifespan of your fleet. In addition, properly utilizing equipment gives the ability to get more done with less. Lastly, asset tracking solutions constantly collect and transmit data, which can be used to understand patterns and inefficiencies. This will help ensure you are getting the most out of your vehicles by saving money on both operational and maintenance costs.

4.  Efficiency

CloudHawk has perfectly designed hardware, software, and sensors to help optimize efficiency for fleet management. Allowing users to monitor where their vehicles are how long they have been there and their schedule. We did a case study with Station Earth (clickable link) and Station Earth mentioned the ability to monitor the location of technicians and assets together on one screen and in real-time has proved to be, “instrumental in terms of being able to manage and move resources where you need to”. This feature also saves time and with that extra time that is created it can now be better spent on other business activities such as improving client relations, or recruiting new talent.



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