Locate. Track. Monitor.
Detect. Protect.
In Real Time.

Versatile, Cost-Effective GPS Tracking
for a Range of Applications

  • Easy to Hide, High
  • Intuitive, Accurate,
    & Real-Time Tracking
  • Flexible Plans for
    Single Units or
    Entire Fleets

Choose the Right Solution For Your Needs

Vehicle & Fleet Monitoring

  • Easy, instant visibility of any asset location
  • Improve vehicle & cargo security
  • Reduce unproductive time
  • Access entire tracker history
  • Verify billable hours
  • Customizable alerts



Trucks, Trailers & Logistics

  • Track shipment positions & progress
  • Improve utilization
  • Protect from theft
  • Add temperature sensors for up to the minute monitoring
  • Get movement alerts
  • Reduce insurance premiums


Sensors & Remote Monitoring

  • Up to 3 high-sensitivity temperature sensors
  • Door sensor
  • Cargo Presence Sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Engine-on detect sensor
  • Monitor engine idle-time



Construction Equipment

  • Improve asset utilization
  • Protect from theft
  • Automatically track maintenance schedules
  • Easy, instant visibility of any asset location & history
  • Verify billable hours
  • Geofence movement alerts


Powered/Non-Powered Assets

  • Location tracking
  • Movement alerts
  • Protect from theft
  • Track usage time for maintenance
  • Long internal battery life


Vehicle Rental & Financing

  • Assist with vehicle recovery
  • Out of province/state or country alerts
  • Locate vehicles on-demand
  • Decrease average lost revenue


Increased Safety & Efficiency

CloudHawk’s great customer service matches their great mapping and data retrieval system. Installation of the unit was easy and it’s really quick and easy to check tracker locations. We’re using it to help ensure safety and efficiency of our fleet, which it’s doing a great job on. I would recommend it to anyone running a service company.

- Josh Freiburger, JTS Mechanical

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