Protect your drivers, and your business.

Dashcams add a new layer of preventative safety, security, and accountability to your telematics solution.

CloudHawk provides a dashcam solution that helps businesses of all sizes protect their fleets.

CloudHawk understands your fleet management concerns, and that includes the need to keep your drivers, vehicles, and assets safe. Whether you just need cameras that satisfy basic insurance requirements or complex multi-camera systems with AI to support driver coaching, our flexible solution will meet your needs.

The CloudHawk AI-enabled driver monitoring system offers collision prevention using cameras, sensors, and artificial intelligence to track the driver’s eye movement and identify potentially unsafe driving behavior. Real-time, in-cab alerts can save lives. High-quality video, accessible via an event dashboard, allows management and drivers to see what happened before, during, and after an event. CloudHawk has built an advanced solution for fleet cameras, collision prevention, analytics, and driver coaching, designed to make vehicles safer and operations more efficient.

CloudHawk dashcams use the most advanced camera system on the market for a clear view of what's happening in and around your fleet.

Enhance driver safety <br />
with alerts and <br />
AI-enabled coaching

Enhance driver safety
with alerts and
AI-enabled coaching

Identify risky driving such as distractions, falling asleep, lane departures, or driving too close. Get real-time in-cab alerts. Use video to support driver coaching and training.

Minimize insurance claims

Minimize insurance claims

Get a clear view of events and evidence of accidents in order to limit liability and protect drivers from false claims with HD recordings of incidents, allowing you to avoid and streamline insurance claims.

Protect your business

Protect your business

Check in on drivers and the road around them with reliable live streaming from multiple cameras and angles. Real-time alerts improve driving behavior, which enhances performance, safety, efficiency, and your reputation

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The fleet management market is facing many challenges that can be solved by using
an In-Vehicle Video Solution.

The CloudHawk dashcam solution leverages the latest technology to capture and analyse high-quality video while using optimized compression technology to improve data transmission and reduce bandwidth consumption.

Features include:

CloudHawk website icons Live Streaming 64x64

Live Streaming

Check in on drivers and the road around them with flawless live streaming from multiple cameras.

64x64 Icon Red Advanced Reporting


The data captured provides analytic reporting for fleet managers to quickly identify problems through fleetwide and individual driver coaching analytics, trend identification and tracking, automated coaching triggers, and a driver coaching app.

CloudHawk website icons3 Real Time Driver Alerting 64x64

Real-Time Driver Alerts (In-Cab Feedback)

Driver real-time alerts to improve behavior enhancing performance, safety and efficiency. AI systems use cameras and advanced monitoring sensors to read road markings and alert driver of deviation.

CloudHawk website icons4 Event Based Notifications 64x64

Event-Based Notifications

Unsafe driving, driver fatigue, smoking, cellphone usage can be captured, saved and sent as alerts to a monitoring center. Saved clips from all camera angles can be reviewed for driver coaching.

CloudHawk website icons2 Stream Video History 64x64

Stream Video History (From DS Card)

All videos can be accessed remotely. They can be streamed or downloaded without having to physically access the vehicle.

CloudHawk website icons5 Image Indexing Snapshot 64x64

Image Indexing Snapshot

Snapshots are captured every 5 minutes. This process helps decide when to download or stream a video.

CloudHawk's Dashcam solution can be customized to meet your needs.

Our advanced solution offers a selection of cameras, from cameras that satisfy basic insurance requirements to multi-camera systems with AI that support driver coaching.

Camera specs

CloudHawk dashcams include:

  • Available Driver Coaching System
  • Windshield-mounted & wide-angle camera lens, delivering a crystal-clear view of the road thanks to automatically controlled shutter speed, white balance, contrast, brightness, saturation, and more.
  • High-definition and infrared sensors
  • 1.4" display for visual feedback and built-in speaker for audio feedback
  • Trigger events and recordings based on digital input
  • A centralized dashboard to track and monitor fleet vehicles and display video events
  • A.I. features:
    • Lane departure
    • Following too close
    • Driver distracted
    • Driver falling asleep
    • Driver using phone
    • Driver smoking
Deploying Dash Cams to Improve Driver Safety background
Deploying Dash Cams to Improve Driver Safety

Into the Clouds:

Deploying Dash Cams to Improve Driver Safety

From driver safety to theft prevention, dashcams can be a valuable asset to your daily business operations, helping you avoid safety risks, costs, and damage to your reputation.

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