Purpose-Built GPS Trackers

Fast, smart, accurate, reliable & cost-effective.

CloudHawk Ultra-Sense GPS for Unrivalled Accuracy Even in Weak Signal Areas

Class-leading technology and multiple high performance internal antennas ensure CloudHawk trackers can maintain a GPS connection and deliver updates in built up cities and weak signal areas where other solutions can’t.

Small & Easy to Hide with Built-In Battery & No External Antenna

Pocket-sized, CloudHawk can be easily hidden in enclosed spaces without compromising it’s ability to track. The built-in battery keeps the tracking working if power is disconnected and the lack of external antenna ensures it cannot be disabled without being removed.

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Easy to self-install. Activate & deploy in minutes

Available with 'plug n play' power options, CloudHawk can be easily self-installed then activated in minutes using our completely automated online portal. We also have a growing network of trained and qualified installers if you prefer not to self install.

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Smart Self Management for Reduced Costs & Longer Battery Life

Onboard sensors and advanced processing allows CloudHawk to monitor and think for itself, reducing data transmission costs and extending battery life. 

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Ruggedized Waterproof Models Available for External Installation

When internal, weather-protected installation is not available, ruggedized waterproof trackers are available that can be discreetly installed on vehicles.

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Over-The-Air Software Updates

CloudHawk trackers are capable of receiving automatic software updates over-the-air to ensure that you are always reaping the benefits of the latest updates. 

Trackers Compatible with Cellular Networks Globally

CloudHawk trackers are compatible with cellular networks globally. For customers in North America, standard subscription plans include coverage throughout Canada and US without roaming charges. For coverage and availability in other countries, additional packages are available. Contact us to learn more.