Real-Time GPS Tracking, Monitoring, & Protection of Trucks, Trailers and Cargo 

Get timely, actionable information from an integrated solution that is easy to deploy, use & hide.

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Need to be ELD Compliant? Ask us about CloudHawk ELD.

FMCSA Certified, Cost-Effective ELD Compliance.
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Reliable Trailer Tracking & Cold Chain Compliance that Business Leaders Depend on.


  • Eliminate Cargo Theft of high value loads with small hidden tracking hardware and real-time alerts and notifications
  • Prevent Cargo Spoilage using real-time reefer alerts & notifications supporting multi-zone trailers
  • Operate Cold Chain Compliance monitoring refrigerated assets in real-time meeting FSMA regulatory requirements

Improve Security, Increase Efficiency & Reduce Costs

  • Enable On-the-Fly Business Decision Making
    using accurate, up-to-date analytics & reports
  • Increase Efficiency
    by optimizing routes & reacting quickly to real-time updates
  • Improve On-Time Delivery & ETA
    Estimating Accuracy
    with reliable location data
  • Reduce Fuel Costs & Liability
    by analysing usage reports for idling & speeding
  • Reduce Insurance Costs
    through provider discounts & lower risk of theft
  • Out Perform Competition
    by leveraging innovative, cloud-based solution & optional IoT sensors

Better Product, Service & Price

I cannot count the number of reasons why we stopped using our old tracker, but CloudHawk is 100X better.

Easy to use, great service and most cost effective product available for theft protection.

- Robert, GLF

Why Customers Choose CloudHawk

  • Small, waterproof, hardware
  • Works when hidden
  • Real-time updates
  • Cost competitive
  • Super accurate
  • Dependable along with warranty
  • Supports optional sensors
  • Great customer service
  • Designed end-end for performance


Get Up & Running Fast

  • Simple to install hardware and sensors
  • Web portal with no software to install
  • Order today, deploy tomorrow

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Smart, Reliable Hardware You Can Install With Ease

  • Maintains signal in cities & weak areas with CloudHawk Ultra-Sense GPS
  • Long battery life due to smart management & self-awareness of movement
  • Installs easily & covertly with no external antenna
  • Fully developed & integrated with our tracking system for seamless operation
  • Ruggedized waterproof hardware for harsh environments and reliable performance

Simultaneous Real-Time Monitoring of Temperatures, Doors, Humidity & Other Sensors

Cost effective, precision sensors with one time setup & access to historical data

CloudHawk GPS gives customers the option of adding high performance, real-time sensors to their deployment


  • Temperature (including Ambient, NIST Certified, and Thermal Buffer) sensors
  • Door Sensors
  • Engine Hours
  • Humidity Sensors
  • CO2 Sensor
  • Cargo Sensors
  • Fuel Sensors...and more

Learn more about CloudHawk Sensors

Visually Track All of Your Assets From Any Device

  • Secure web portal & mobile apps seamlessly integrated with the hardware
  • Easily view, group & manage all of your trackers on a single map-based screen
  • There is no software install required to access the web portal & updates are automatic & included
  • CloudHawk Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)

Create & Analyse Reports on
All of Your Historical Data

  • Easy Route Replays
    View & replay any past
    route of any tracker
  • Deep Reporting
    Analyse mileage, speed,
    drive time & travel summary
    reports for any tracker
  • Secure Data
    Secure storage of all of your
    historical data so it’s always
    ready to analyse