Reduce the Risks of Renting, Leasing & Financing Vehicles With Reliable GPS Monitoring

Smart monitoring helps prevent theft, abuse, misappropriation & usage outside permitted areas.

See How it Works

  • Quickly Recover Stolen Vehicles With Easy-Hide Hardware & Accurate, Reliable Tracking
  • Detect Unauthorized Access & Usage Outside Permitted Areas With Geofence Alerts
  • Plan & Optimize Maintenance with Mileage Tracking & Service Due Alerts


Get Up & Running Fast

  • Simple to install plug & play hardware
  • Web portal with no software to install
  • Activate & deploy online in minutes

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Cost Effective Security & Better Sleep

An excellent, cost-effective solution for adding security to our rental fleet. I can tell within seconds where a vehicle is, how fast it is traveling, and where it has been. If a customer misses a payment and we cannot get a hold of them we can see where the vehicle is in case we need to take it back. And CloudHawk support has always been amazing, answering all of our questions and concerns quickly. We definitely sleep better knowing CloudHawk has our back.

- Kamran Randhawa, Xtreme Car Rentals

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Protect, Monitor & Maintain Your Rented, Leased & Financed Vehicles

  • Reduce theft & unauthorized usage by promoting that your vehicles have GPS monitoring
  • Quickly recover stolen, missing & overdue vehicles with movement alerts & accurate tracking
  • Optimize maintenance by monitoring mileage & being alerted when service is due
  • Use geofence alerts to detect & be alerted of lot in/out times & usage outside permitted regions
  • Access historical data & create detailed reports on usage & movements in & out of lots
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Small, Smart Trackers That are Easy to Install & Hide

  • Reliable accuracy even in cities & weak signal areas
  • Long battery life even if power disconnection occurs, while still providing updates & geofence alerts
  • Simple to install & easily hidden with multiple plug & play power options & no external antenna
  • Devices & tracking portal were designed & developed together for seamless integration & operation
  • Ruggedized waterproof devices are also available for vehicles where external mounting is preferred
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Web Portal & Mobile Apps for Easy Monitoring from Any Device

  • Cloud-based tracking allows monitoring through any web browser or CloudHawk mobile apps
  • The simple map-based system lets you view the locations of your entire fleet on one screen
  • Create custom groups of vehicles for fast & easy filtering & locating of a specific vehicle
  • Set up multiple geofences for each tracker with automatic in/out movement alerts
  • Configure multiple custom email, text & in-app alerts based on each tracker’s usage & movements