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Monitor your fleets & assets with accuracy

Whatever your industry, CloudHawk Fleet and Asset Tracking solutions keep you connected to your critical resources. Our purposefully designed hardware, software, and sensors have been developed to withstand rigorous environments and the specific demands of a multitude of industries.

Our customers are our focus

Companies across a multitude of industries trust CloudHawk fleet and asset tracking solutions to increase productivity and efficiency.

Maple Lodge Farms
Moosehead Breweries
Vulcan Materials Co.

A purpose-built suite of hardware & software to track anything, anytime, anywhere.

Improve fleet & asset utilization

Improve fleet & asset utilization

Customized reports provide valuable insights into patterns, trends, and gaps inefficiencies so you can identify areas for improvement while monitoring asset utilization and maintenance schedules.

Ensure ELD compliance throughout your fleet

Ensure ELD compliance throughout your fleet

Quick and easy to deploy solution that meets all FMCSA requirements in Canada, US and US States allows your drivers and dispatch team spend the least time, and get the most out of your resources.

Protect innocent drivers using dash cams

Protect innocent drivers using dash cams

Exonerate drivers and simplify the insurance claims process with relevant video footage. Modernize your fleet giving you the visibility required to promote fleet safety.

Reduce risks & costs <br />
of theft

Reduce risks & costs
of theft

Reduce insurance premiums and protect your business against cargo and asset theft by leveraging CloudHawk’s unique and patented hardware capabilities.

Improve fleet management decision making

Improve fleet management decision making

Real-time in seconds visibility into fleet operations, notifications for high risk events, and key operational insights from custom reporting allows your team to maximize efficient operations and minimize business risks.

Reduce operational & maintenance costs

Reduce operational & maintenance costs

Leverage reports and real-time in seconds notifications to know precisely when your assets are due for specific maintenance activities.

The CloudHawk Advantage

Along with providing unparalleled customer support, CloudHawk delivers purpose-built, industry-leading GPS trackers, industrial-strength IoT sensors, and a user-friendly software portal & apps to give you invaluable real-time in seconds data, available 24/7 and housed in a secure cloud-based platform.

Compact, intelligent, tough tracking devices.

What's the point of having GPS tracking devices if you can't hide them, they don't update in real-time, or they break easily?
CloudHawk's GPS trackers are designed in-house and are purpose engineered to be compact, easy-to-hide, and tough enough to withstand almost any condition.

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Powerful, cloud-based, intuitive software.

CloudHawk's powerful and user-friendly web-based and mobile portals enable you to stay connected to your most valuable resources anytime, from anywhere. With position updates several times per minute, you can view the locations of all trackers in near real-time on a single screen using a Google Maps interface. Designed from the ground up to deliver greater accuracy, security, and reliability.

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Purposefully designed industrial IoT sensors.

Deploying CloudHawk tracking solutions future proofs your efforts and gives you the flexibility of adding high-performance industrial IoT sensors, further expanding the visibility you have into your fleet's activities. CloudHawk IoT sensors include door position status, temperature, humidity, trailer cargo, and more. Sensors can be set to trigger automatic alerts and notifications when conditions go outside of pre-defined ranges, enabling your team to act quickly and make better business decisions.

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Tracking our history

CloudHawk takes your business operations to greater heights. Industry-leading technology and advanced analytics helps businesses see more and do more with their fleets and assets.



Our team is comprised of experienced thought leaders in wireless technologies, hardware and software development. We are dedicated to providing businesses with trusted GPS tracking solutions for monitoring vehicles, fleets, trailers, cargo, and equipment.



Our high-performance tracking solutions are designed and developed in-house, enabling us to stay ahead in the fast-paced and ever-changing technology space. We are driven by continual innovation and building trusted, best-in-class IoT solutions.



We are focused on understanding our customer’s environment and business goals. By merging innovation and practicality, we strive to deliver solutions that bring significant business value by increasing productivity and efficiencies.



Every industry has specific demands and requirements, which is why we build our solutions to be flexible, intuitive, quick to deploy, and customizable with a host of sensors for capturing the data needed by a particular industry.

Moosehead has found great value in working with CloudHawk products, both GPS and ELD. CloudHawk’s support team delivers an outstanding experience. Their attention to detail and numerous available functions and reporting gives us the tools we need to be successful and productive. Looking forward to continued success with CloudHawk!

– Moosehead Breweries

Compliance isn't a nice-to-have feature.
It's critical to your business.

Cross-border regulations are becoming stricter with Electronic Logging Devices and Remote Temperature Monitoring now mandatory in the United States. CloudHawk helps businesses be compliant on both sides of the border with quick solution deployment, reliable tracking and monitoring, and accurate data reporting. 

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  • Cargo theft is a growing business
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  • Anybody can be a superhero with the right sensors
  • Why CloudHawk GPS Tracking won't leave you in the dark
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