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We have CLOUD in our name for a reason

Power, intuitive cloud-based portal

CloudHawk’s advanced technology and cloud-based portal help you make smarter business decisions & react faster to unplanned events

CloudHawk’s powerful web portal was designed and engineered in-house to give users the control and visibility needed to make critical on-the-spot decisions about their fleets and assets, to provide valuable, customizable data that enables users to make smarter on-going business decisions, and to be the most reliable and secure cloud platform. The CloudHawk portal helps companies become more efficient, operate more securely, reduce costs and drive additional revenue.

CloudHawk enables you to track your fleet and assets anytime, from anywhere.

Accurate & Reliable Data

Accurate & Reliable Data

Monitoring your fleet vehicles, equipment assets at all times is critical. You can rely on CloudHawk to provide real-time in seconds insights when you need them the most.

Reduce theft & loss

Reduce theft & loss

Know the location and status of your assets and act quickly when there has been unauthorized movement or activity

Sophisticated Cloud <br />
with AI Monitoring

Sophisticated Cloud
with AI Monitoring

View your entire fleet from any device including mobile phones and tablets and have confidence in GPS tracker reliability with CloudHawk DNA smart AI health monitoring.

API's that integrate with <br />
other systems

API's that integrate with
other systems

With CloudHawk’s industry leading API’s, you can easily integrate data from CloudHawk to other systems and solutions such as TMS, dispatch, and maintenance.

Have a unique request? Reach out today about our custom possibilities.

CloudHawk gives you a bird's eye view of all your critical assets on a single screen

Login and view all current and historical data for each tracker through any web browser, on any computer. There’s no software to install and portal updates happen automatically. The portal enables you to quickly and easily manage your trackers and set the conditions for geo-fencing, alerts and reporting.

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Stay connected to your fleets and assets 24/7

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Accessible via desktop, tablet, or smart phone

CloudHawk’s web portal is accessible via desktop, tablet, or smart phone so you can check in with your trucks, trailers, and assets wherever you are in the world, at any time of day.

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Easy to organize and review tracker data

Group trackers together and tag groups or individual trackers with icons to quickly identify

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Live tracking mode

With multiple updated per minute, you can view the locations of all of trackers in real-time on a single screen using the familiar Google Maps interface that allows map, satellite, traffic and street views.

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Flexible modes for extended battery and seasonal usage

Track and monitor your fleet, equipment, and assets with flexible modes like eco-mode and off-season. Select frequency of position updates and extend battery life to over 18 months with an update once per day.

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Customize alerts and notifications

In the CloudHawk portal, you can set your alert preferences from a variety of options including email, SMS text, in-app and even phone calls for high priority scenarios. You can define the conditions for alerts to be sent for each tracker.

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Advanced reporting

From single-click status reports to deep historical analysis, CloudHawk’s advanced reporting system lets you quickly draw upon the wealth of data securely stored for each tracker. Offline reports allow you to build custom reports that are specific to your business.

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Quickly set geo-fencing and other conditions

Use the map interface to quickly and easily create Points of Interest (POI) for tracking visits and customizable geo-fences for tracking in/out movement. You can then configure one-time, daily or weekly activity alerts for each POI/geo-fence.

All the power of the CloudHawk portal, accessible via a user-friendly app

Access all the key functionality of the CloudHawk web portal at any time, and from any location using the CloudHawk Mobile App for both Android and iOS. CloudHawk's mobile app enables users to quickly and conveniently view the real-time location of CloudHawk tracker devices and the analytics associated with your tracked vehicles, assets, equipment, and people.

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Support should be proactive, not reactive.

CloudHawk DNA is our own internal smart AI monitoring system that tracks to ensure that all your GPS trackers are functioning perfectly. CloudHawk takes pride in its capabilities to offer support to ensure that all GPS devices in deployment are operational and working perfectly. With the power of CloudHawk DNA, CloudHawk support is able to flag, review, and proactively issue replacement units before you even notice. This ensures that your assets are always connected and providing the insights you need.

Less Expensive, No Time Lag & Great Service

I was already using a tracking system to estimate ETAs for customers and track time on jobs. I changed to CloudHawk because it is more accurate, less expensive, and doesn’t have the time lag. It’s a lot easier to use and the great service is also a big plus.

– Alex, Field Services
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