GPS Tracker for Asset Tracking

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CloudHawk’s asset tracking solutions improve asset visibility, reduces loss, and increases operational efficiency

Whether it’s a portable generator or heavy equipment on a construction site, a tank in a field, or valuable tools and equipment moved from job site to job site, it's critical to have visibility into the location and status of assets and equipment to prevent theft and loss, and to optimize maintenance.

CloudHawk’s asset tracking and monitoring solutions ensure businesses know where their assets are and how they are operating at all times. Simply attach the compact tracker devices to your critical resources and begin monitoring your entire inventory of heavy equipment, powered and unpowered assets from the CloudHawk web-based portal and mobile apps. With a multitude of industrial-strength IoT sensors to choose from, you can customize the solution, maximize your visibility into your asset’s activities, and have better asset management overall.

Gain full control of your asset tracking and asset management. Using the latest technology, CloudHawk's asset tracking software allows you to have full insight into the status of your physical assets.

Brands that depend on CloudHawk to track their assets

Bronte Construction
Globyz Biopharma Services
Groundskeepers of Aspen
Jayco Builders

The CloudHawk RTLS Advantage

Along with providing unparalleled customer support, CloudHawk delivers purpose-built, industry-leading GPS trackers, industrial-strength IoT sensors, and a user-friendly software portal & apps to give you invaluable RTLS tracking data, available 24/7 and housed in a secure cloud-based platform.

Compact, intelligent, tough RTLS tracking devices.

What's the point of having GPS tracking devices if you can't hide them, they don't update in real-time, or they break easily?
CloudHawk's GPS Real-Time Location Tracking System hardware is designed in-house and is purposefully engineered to be compact, easy-to-hide, and tough enough to withstand almost any condition.

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Powerful, cloud-based, intuitive software.

CloudHawk's powerful and user-friendly web-based and mobile portals enable you to stay connected to your most valuable resources anytime, from anywhere. With position updates several times per minute, you can view the locations of all RTLS trackers in near real-time on a single screen using a Google Maps interface. Designed from the ground up to deliver greater accuracy, security, and reliability.

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Purposefully designed industrial IoT sensors.

Deploying CloudHawk RTLS solutions future-proofs your efforts and gives you the flexibility of adding high-performance industrial IoT sensors, further expanding the visibility you have into your fleet's activities. CloudHawk IoT sensors include door position status, temperature, humidity, trailer cargo, and more. Sensors can be set to trigger automatic alerts and notifications when conditions go outside of pre-defined ranges, enabling your team to act quickly and make better business decisions.

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CloudHawk allows us visibility into live locations of our controls globally while also allowing to see if the unit is being used or being store via the power signal. We have already recovered several lost units due to customer misplacement and shipping mishaps. It also gives us valuable insight into our products use as well as notifying us of any power problems on our assets. The experience has been great and very accommodating with fast turn around times on new units and with very little problems with the trackers.

– AOMS Technologies
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