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How CloudHawk Makes ELD Compliance Simple

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With Canada’s Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate quickly approaching, Canadian truckers and trucking companies need to make sure they are prepared to be compliant with the new regulations. As of June 12th, 2021, all motor carriers must have switched from using paper logbooks to using certified ELD devices to record Hours of Service (HOS) data. Motor carriers that do not have an ELD device deployed by the deadline risk being placed ‘out of service’ for non-compliance with HOS regulations. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to start preparing your business now. Once you have researched everything you need to know about the upcoming ELD mandate, the next step is to choose a certified ELD provider.

CloudHawk FMCSA’s certified ELD solution makes ELD compliance easy with the most comprehensive HOS tablet app and portal in the industry. Onboarding and deployment are quick and simple using CloudHawk’s cloud-based software, and our team can help your business become ELD compliant in as little as 24 hours.

Here are some key reasons businesses should consider deploying CloudHawk’s ELD solution:

CloudHawk makes onboarding easy

Users of CloudHawk ELD find the solution easy to use and intuitive. This means that little training is needed to understand how to use the features in both the web portal and mobile app. In addition to being intuitive, new users have access to an onboarding team that they can call when support is needed. This is particularly important in the first few weeks that the solution is deployed to get carriers up and running with a good understanding of how the solution works.

CloudHawk helps reduce business risks

CloudHawk’s ELD solution provides users with HOS visibility directly in the portal. By having access and visibility into the logs of each driver, dispatchers and management can respond quickly to violations. If a HOS violation occurs, a notification automatically appears, making it easy to detect issues as they arise and ensure that corrective measures are taken quickly.

CloudHawk allows BYOD flexibility

CloudHawk provides ELD users with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) flexibility. This means that users can either install the solution on their own mobile device or explore other CloudHawk hardware options. This gives users the flexibility to choose the best hardware option for their specific needs.

CloudHawk offers mobile device management

If users decide to use CloudHawk’s hardware, the tablets will come preloaded with mobile device management software. This is important as it allows CloudHawk to add or remove any mobile applications that the customer may want. For example, if the customer requests a specific app to be enabled on all the remote tablets, CloudHawk can make it happen over the air (OTA) for all devices.

CloudHawk’s comprehensive solution allows for real-time visibility

Many customers incorporate the ELD solution when deploying CloudHawk’s fleet tracking solution so as to gain full visibility into their fleet’s activities. Consisting of GPS tracker devices with IoT sensor technology, cloud connectivity, and a web-based software portal, CloudHawk’s fleet tracking solution enables customers to see the precise real-time location of all of their assets on a map, helping to improve dispatch and operational efficiency, reduce theft and improve customer service among other things. Check out our blog on GPS tracking to learn more about the benefits that this technology offers.

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