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How CloudHawk Tracking and Sensors Prevent Theft

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Whether it’s a refrigerated trailer in Mississauga, Ontario, $155,000 worth of beer stolen in Delta BC, or $1 Million worth of goods stolen by a theft ring in New Jersey, theft continues to be a major issue for carriers. In fact, it is estimated that theft in Canada alone is $5 Billion, according to a 2016 report from Intact Insurance.

In the US, organized cargo theft is a major issue according to a recent report by Sensitech. The hot spots for theft are the Los Angeles area, Atlanta, Chicago, Southern Florida, New York City to Philadelphia corridor, Dallas-Ft Worth, Houston, and Memphis.

In 2017, there were 741 cargo reported theft events in the US and Canada. The Insurance Bureau of Canada reports that many incidents occur when trucks and trailers are parked for the night in trucking yards – both secured and unsecured. Weekends are the worst time for losses due to theft when lots are left unattended. Food and drinks, appliances and tools, and electronics were the most commonly stolen loads.

However, many thefts go unreported since carriers prefer to avoid the resulting increase in premiums and instead just cover the costs without involving their insurance provider.

A further risk is thieves contaminating loads by breaking into trailers to scout what’s inside. This has a direct impact on creating non-compliance with the new FSMA regulations.

Small, smart, reliable GPS trackers

They are very easy to hide and provide real-time updates, even in areas with weak signals. Carriers can set custom notifications to meet their needs. They can get alerts triggered by unexpected movement, travel outside of a geofence such a truck yard, or doors opened/closed.

The hardware and sensors are easy to install and are managed by customers using a web portal or mobile app. They have no external antennas to tip off the bad guys. Multiple models are available, including waterproof versions.

We have heard from multiple customers that they decided to purchase CloudHawk devices after they experienced a theft and had not been adequately covered. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that when your trailer is left unattended, it’s being monitored 24/7 by CloudHawk. Most importantly CloudHawk sends real-time alerts so you can prevent loss and foil “would-be thieves”.

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