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How to Choose the Right Dashcam for Your Fleet

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Did you know that 80% of all accidents are caused by driver distraction (*1). And a whopping 93% of all collisions are caused by human error (*2). These statistics not only show how important it is for drivers to have their eyes on the road at all times but also the importance of proper driving habits. For businesses with fleets of vehicles, this couldn’t be more critical. If a company vehicle is responsible for an accident, the result can be high fines, reputation damage, and lost revenue. Not to mention devastating injury or even death that too often is the result of vehicle collisions.

For this reason, businesses in a multitude of industries are investing in fleet dashcams. Dashcams not only provide a video recording of the road and surroundings, which can be used as evidence should something happen, but some models also come with advanced A.I. features that monitor driving behavior and react with alerts when a potential issue is detected.

No two businesses are the same

There is a mind-boggling array of fleet dashcams available in the market, from inexpensive forward-facing cameras that satisfy insurance requirements to multi-camera systems with AI that support driver coaching. So, how do you decide where to invest your money?

Here are some things to consider before you start your search:

1. The size of your fleet

2. Your operations budget

3. Comfort with technology

4. The pain points you’re trying to solve

If you’re a small business with a handful of work vans on the road, you may not need or have the resources to monitor a multiple-camera system. However, if you’re managing a large construction company with vehicles coming and going between sites, you could benefit greatly from having an automated system that keeps an eye on things for you (and lets you know right away when there’s a problem).

Video recording vs advanced monitoring

Any sized fleet would benefit from having road-facing cameras that continuously record the road installed in vehicles. If something happens, a video recording can provide indisputable evidence, helping to save your reputation and your insurance premium.

Many fleets, however, would also greatly benefit from AI features that use algorithms and historical data to process and react to driver behavior and the surrounding. Dashcam solutions with AI features can alert businesses to dangerous driving habits like following too close, distracted driving, lane departure, and more. When incorporated with a driver coaching system, businesses can work with their drivers to ensure safe driving habits are adopted and company policies are followed.

Some of the advanced features that you can utilize as part of a fleet dashcam solution with AI include:

1. High-Definition & Infrared Sensors- These sensors will work in tandem with a dash cam set-up to help drivers be notified of potential safety threats that they may not be able to catch quickly with their naked eyes or in the dead of the night.

2. Lane Departure, Headway, & Forward Collision Warning/Monitoring- This feature allows drivers full visibility of oncoming traffic and alerts when there might be another vehicle in a blind spot.

3. Event-Based Notifications- Real-time alerts are provided to the driver to aid them in making safe driving decisions throughout every step of the journey.

More than just a video camera

Fleet dashcams aren’t the same as the personal dashcams you can pick up at Best Buy. Instead, they are designed specifically for businesses that rely on fleet vehicles for day-to-day operations. Built with cutting-edge camera and sensor technologies, fleet dashcams help to mitigate the risks of being on the road where the conditions – and other drivers - are unpredictable. Advanced AI features also help businesses monitor driving behavior and patterns so corrective action can be taken before there is a serious problem.

When selecting a dashcam for your business, just remember that even a basic solution will help you protect your drivers and business, while more advanced options can also help you take proactive measures to reduce risks.

Stay tuned for more blogs in our series where we dive into why a dash cam solution might be right for you and your fleet!

*1- National Transportation Safety Board

*2- Georgia Tech

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