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The Benefits of Monitoring and Tracking Your Intermodal Assets

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Did you know that “the global rail asset management market size is expected to grow from $9.4 billion to $12.6 billion by 2025”[1]? The rail industry is quickly moving to embrace digitization. Rail, reefer containers, and other intermodal containers can easily be monitored and recovered with the right rail tracking solutions, while providing many other benefits for your business.

Improved visibility

Tracking solutions are the best way to prevent theft, cargo loss, and to recover assets. Attaching compact sensor devices maximizes your visibility for all your assets activities, whether its volume and position, temperature, humidity, or most importantly door status of the cargo. Viewing your rail, reefer containers, and other containers on an app in real-time allows you to pinpoint their location via GPS and ensures they’re on the right track.

Streamlined operational efficiency

Knowing the status of your rail assets facilitates better planning, while immediate updates allow your team to act quickly when delays or issues arise. By accessing key operational insights like container location and notifications for high-risk events from custom reporting, you can minimize business risks.

Customized and immediate alerts from temperature and humidity sensors enable you to monitor whether the cargo is within a selected temperature or humidity range in real time. This prevents costly cargo spoilage and load rejection.

Reduced equipment downtime

Real-time tracking and reports ensure that your rail containers, reefer containers and intermodal assets are not sitting empty for long periods. The right equipment tracking technology can also identify loading and unloading timeframes so you can pinpoint any inefficiencies.


With the right fleet telematics provider, you can ensure the complete safety and security of your rail assets, while equipping your business to be as efficient as possible and ready for anything.



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