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The benefits of utilizing fleet management in public sector industries

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Government fleets play a vital role in maintaining public spaces and roadways. From street sweepers and snowplows to utility trucks, waste collection, and public transport, it is no small task to coordinate services that residents rely on. Coordination is key when making planning decisions, but how can you ensure services are being delivered efficiently when there are so many moving parts?

That’s where fleet management comes in. As our world becomes increasingly digitized, fleet management is set to play an important role in helping and cities and regions become ‘smarter.’ A part of the wider Internet of Things space, fleet management is focused on tracking and monitoring of fleets and assets.

For public service departments and organizations that rely on fleet vehicles and high-value assets, fleet management solutions can help to greatly improve efficiency, fleet and asset utilization, and productivity so the services that citizens rely on are delivered on time and on budget.

Continuing on from our previous blog post, we will explore some of the benefits of using fleet management in some public sector industries.

Monitor fleet vehicles and assets in real-time anytime, from anywhere

Knowing where vehicles and assets are in real-time can be a game-changer for departments that have to deal with unexpected issues. Whether it’s a utility vehicle sent to fix an overhead wire issue or a salt truck responding to an overnight snowstorm, having full visibility into the whereabouts of fleet vehicles can help management improve response times by sending the closest resources to the affected area. This can be a huge time saver and can help departments do more with their resources.

Extend vehicle life with engine diagnostics

Many fleet management solutions use devices that can be plugged into the vehicle’s OBD-II port or directly wired into the engine, which enables valuable diagnostics to be collected. With insight into engine run times and other vehicle usage information available via detailed reports, public sector fleet managers can better plan for proactive maintenance before there is a breakdown. The data insights can also help managers identify resources that are being underutilized, which can help adjust workloads and runtimes, so some vehicles aren’t experiencing more wear and tear than others.

Real-time notifications also let team members know as soon as an issue arises, which can help management make quick decisions to get assistance to the driver and operations back on track.

Keep drivers and the public safe with fleet dashcams and driver coaching

There are always safety risks when operating a vehicle, but public sector departments can help to mitigate risks and increase driver and public safety by using fleet dashcams. Whether for a fleet of buses, mail trucks, or waste collection vehicles, fleet dashcams can provide valuable insight into what is happening on the road and any issues that arise. Some advanced solutions incorporate the use of live streaming from multiple camera angles and real-time alerts when dangerous driving has been detected. The increased visibility can help managers identify driver behaviors that could be a safety issue and work with drivers to correct their habits. In the event that there is an accident or road incident, video evidence can help protect drivers from wrongful fault.

The bottom line

A recent report suggests that the “Global Smart Cities Market is [expected] to reach $2.5 Trillion by 2026,” which is a huge increase compared to the 2020 valuation of US$741.6 Billion.i There is no doubt that fleet management will play an important role in the growth of Smart Cities by helping public sector departments make better planning decisions, fully optimize the use and lifecycle of fleet vehicles and assets, and increase safety practices.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs where we will dig even deeper into the role of fleet management in the public sector!

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