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The Future of Supply Chain Management Technology

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Companies in the supply chain industry have traditionally relied on manual processes and touchpoints to track goods and equipment as they travel through the supply chain. The problem with this approach is the lack of visibility that supply chain managers have when goods and assets are between touchpoints. Blind spots in the supply chain leave businesses open to cargo loss or spoilage, as well as under-utilized fleets and higher-than-necessary operation costs. This year has seen added pressure on the supply chain to continue to deliver goods in the face of a global pandemic, making it even more critical for businesses to increase efficiency and be accountable for the integrity of the goods they carry.

Our Product Manager, Cliffton Laird, outlines his predictions regarding the future of supply chain management technology in an expert column for Food Logistics. Click below to read the full article:

Learn how IoT sensors and AI are increasing transparency and efficiency in the industry!

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