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What are Cargo Sensors?

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For any company in the transportation and logistics industry, visibility is key to staying on schedule and providing quality customer service. While IoT technologies have made it easier to track and monitor trucks, it hasn’t been as easy to see what is going on inside trailers, which can make it a challenge to protect cargo, reduce empty miles, and efficiently plan routes.

The good news is that IoT sensor technologies are emerging that give companies full visibility inside their trailers. IoT sensors are wireless tools that detect and respond to environmental changes by collecting and transmitting data via the cloud, which is then processed by a software platform and turned into actionable insights.

CloudHawk has recently introduced new IoT cargo sensors that enable transportation companies to track and monitor the contents in a trailer in real-time from pick up to delivery. Integrated into robust hardware that is easily installed anywhere inside a trailer, cargo sensors give companies the visibility needed to make better decisions about trailer utilization, and to react to unplanned cargo movement and spatial changes. Ultimately, this helps businesses become ultra-efficient with scheduling and routing, increase cargo security and make cost-saving decisions.

Cargo sensors monitor everything from cargo height and cubic volume utilization to unused space from the rear trailer door and can be combined with other sensors such as trailer door status (open or close) to give the full picture of what’s happening behind their trucks. CloudHawk’s modular technology gives companies the flexibility to add any number of sensors to meet their specific use case needs, as well as the flexibility to install the number of hardware devices needed to fit their trailer lengths. Companies also have access to all historical data and complex reporting, which is useful for identifying trailer utilization trends and route inefficiencies.

For any business in the transportation sector, cargo sensors will increase visibility and help management make better business decisions that will maximize revenue per trailer and revenue per mile.

Stay tuned as we will be exploring each sensor type in more detail in upcoming posts!

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