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Why CloudHawk GPS Tracking Won't Leave You In The Dark

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A freak April ice storm hits Southern Ontario, out of the blue. Schools are closed, businesses grind to a halt and driving become treacherous. After a brief respite and clean-up, the weather turns again and the melting snow becomes sheets of ice, again. The result is an accident that creates a 16 km back-up on Highway 401 – the most travelled route for transport trucks in Canada. Cars and trucks are snarled for six hours and finally, drivers get to move forward, but at 8km/hr on the shoulder.

Did your trailer full of pharmaceuticals get stuck in the traffic or did it make it through before the accident? What about the rest of your fleet headed the same direction?

It’s hard enough managing a fleet without taking into account variables such as weather, traffic jams, breakdowns, and other potential delays. More than ever before, it’s crucial to have accurate, reliable GPS tracking in place.

The benefits of GPS tracking are:

  • Visibility into routes taken so you know exactly where your freight has travelled – especially important for hazardous waste transport.
  • Tracking of speed of the vehicle to monitor compliance with traffic regulations and driver performance.
  • Greater productivity for the carrier by not requiring constant contact with the driver for updates on ETA.
  • Less distraction of drivers and field support questions from them as opposed to the other way around.
  • When enabled or available, tracking of temperatures in reefer trailers for Food Safety Management Act (FSMA) compliance.
  • If included as a feature, tracking of mileage and fuel usage for asset planning.
  • Opportunities for route optimization or even re-routing in real-time should issues arise.

There are many GPS trackers on the market with a variety of specifications and inherent issues. They include high failure rates, the need to switch batteries often, spotty coverage, difficult to install and hide, poorly designed and not waterproof.

The top reasons customers have switched from their incumbent vendors to CloudHawk:

  • Highly reliable because they were designed specifically for the hardware and software, and built directly by the CloudHawk team.
  • The internal antenna and Radio Frequency (RF) design are super sensitive and get a more reliable signal than any other tracker.
  • Maintain GPS tracking connection more than competitors even if GPS signal levels are lower
  • Battery life lasts longer because CloudHawk trackers are built to be more efficient.
  • The best covert tracker on the market because it is small, easy to hide and hard to detect.
  • Proactive alerts from CloudHawk if there are any issues with trackers deployed in the field.
  • Temperature tracking with consistent reporting and optional door sensors.
  • One portal to track all asset types including dry vans, refrigerated trailers, tractors, etc.
  • Expertise that only the CloudHawk engineering team can provide - formerly BlackBerry employees

The bottom line is unreliable GPS tracking is like waiting out an ice storm and being not sure if power will go out. CloudHawk has the design, connectivity, battery life and reporting to make sure you won’t be left in the dark.


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