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Why MPG Trucking Switched their Fleet Tracking Solution to CloudHawk

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Who is MPG Trucking?

Based in Dallas, Texas, MPG Trucking is a transportation and logistics company that services most of the central United States with a fleet of over 120 assets including both trucks and trailers. The need for MPG to gain increased fleet visibility was to deliver on their core values of safety, promptness and availability. For over a year MPG was frustrated with their incumbent tracking solution as well as other solutions they were trialling. They found the solutions had either a high failure rate, provided terrible support, or had a slow updating ping frequency.

In 2018, MGP Trucking began a trial with CloudHawk. Impressed with the solution, they switched their incumbent solution provider and now have CloudHawk GPS trackers deployed on their fleet. As well as delivering the visibility needed for dispatch and management to make better business decisions, CloudHawk has provided the customization, reliability, affordability and support needed to make the solution a success for MPG.

Why Did MPG Switch to CloudHawk? 

Better Customization

To start, CloudHawk worked with MPG to make sure the solution was tailored to the needs of their business. With a multitude of available sensor options, MPG was able to choose the conditions they wanted to monitor and set the parameters for updates and alerts. For MPG Trucking owner, Salomon Diaz, it has given him peace of mind knowing he could be anywhere and would know in an instant if there was an issue. MPG was especially satisfied with CloudHawk’s asset labelling feature – a feature they had never come across with other tracking solutions and one that made their lives exponentially easier, as they could easily organize their fleet to quickly identify the live location of any asset.

Unmatched Reliability

In the past, MPG Trucking had become frustrated with the amount of downtime they experienced with their existing fleet tracking solution. With the other solutions that MPG trialled, they found that both the hardware and the software were unreliable resulting in long periods of interrupted visibility. Even more frustrating was that the downtime was often unexplainable and proved to be tedious to try and troubleshoot.

With CloudHawk, MPG Trucking has experienced continuous service, thanks in large part to CloudHawk’s durable technology that can withstand harsh conditions for extended periods of time.

Increased Affordability

MPG found that other tracking devices available on the market were low quality but still very costly. According to Salomon Diaz, “We needed some sort of economical tracking option. Various companies were offering just basic GPS tracking with limited features, but the prices were still too high”.

CloudHawk allows customers to have full ownership of the hardware and has flexible subscription pricing options based on the frequency of location updates or how often their fleet is being used. For example, Eco mode tracking allows customers to receive updates at less frequent intervals, which prolongs the battery life of each sensor. This is a popular choice for many companies, especially in the slower months or the offseason. For MPG, CloudHawk was able to curate an affordable solution that included only the features that MPG really needed.

Excellent Support Team

With the other fleet tracking solutions trialled, MPG found that a solid support team was hard to come by. It’s a different story with CloudHawk, who place great importance on working with customers at every stage to ensure the solution delivers results. Salomon Diaz appreciates how quickly CloudHawk’s team is to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues: “I know that I can always call someone from the CloudHawk support team, and they will make sure everything is taken care.”

Fleet Tracking that works for your business

CloudHawk’s hardware, software, and sensors have been purposely designed to help companies like MPG Trucking better optimize fleet and asset use and increase operational efficiency. Every company is different, which is why CloudHawk isn’t a one size fits all solution. For MPG Trucking, CloudHawk has provided a customized and reliable solution that enables them to deliver on their key values.

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